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This ERP comparison tool user guide will help you find the business management solution for your sector with our articles and whitepapers.

This ERP comparison site helps businesses define, scope and plan for their ERP project in order to make it a success. Users can take the short questionnaire, download useful ERP whitepapers and read ERP articles to support their decision making.

This site helps users to ask the right questions, be specific when briefing in functional requirements and be equipped with as much information as possible about ERP technology possibilities.

Follow these steps to get the most out of Choose my ERP

Step 1

Get up to speed

  • Review the scope and benefits pages of this site in order to prepare for shortlisting your ERP solution
  • Download relevant whitepapers in order to undertake research into ERP technology and benefits
  • Read selected ERP articles to ensure your conversations with ERP providers are relevant

Step 2

Start the questionnaire – define your ERP requirements

In order for us to suggest the best ERP application for your needs, tell us about your organisation, your focus and your existing infrastructure and capabilities.

Step 3

Complete the survey

With a few questions around timescales, specific functionality and deployment options, you now have the outline of an ERP project brief.

Step 4

ERP recommendations

You can now take a look at the suggestions for the best ERP for your business needs.